• We used Tony to present a series of 1 hour workshops on Mental Health Awareness to our workforce. We wanted sessions that would resonate with a wide range of employees. The sessions were designed to create a greater level of awareness around the issue of Mental Health and to destigmatise the issue. We also wanted employees to know how to better manager stressors in life and the workplace, and to encourage people to ask for assistance. We chose Tony because we felt he would relate well to our workforce. He speaks from personal experience with a compelling personal story of his own struggles and successes. He approaches the subject in a practical 'down to earth way' rather than using a purely academic approach. Tony's passion and experience with the subject of mental health shows through in his presentations.

    David Doig

    - McHarry's Buslines Pty. Ltd.
  • This was our first event, and I am so glad that we had Tony as our guest speaker. It was a big success and I have already received excellent feedback from my colleagues. Although mental health is a serious topic, Tony managed to make it really enjoyable and interesting for our team. He has a wonderful, down-to-earth approach which makes it easy to connect with him. Tony had the right content and the right approach for our company. He showed a genuine passion for what he does, and he went to great efforts to personalise the presentation to our needs, which I really appreciated. I really enjoyed the Q & A session at the end of the presentation. It is a true measure of the trust and credibility of a guest speaker when team members open up and ask personal questions. We could not be happier, and I will be happy to recommend Tony to other organisations.

    Ryan Sharp

    - Australia Post
  • Just a short note to thank you for the recent presentation to our guys. This was well received and the feedback has been very positive. We have received an email from an employee’s wife informing us that they have faced some struggles, and thanking us for the recognition, care and understanding. Another employee has personally thanked Vic and praised the company for this initiative whilst at the same time acknowledging that he has also faced struggles. The Company’s recognition and acceptance that Men’s Mental Health is very real, widespread, and, that it affects a lot of people, has served as a catalyst and encouraged this particular employee to take the final step, and seek help – he was very appreciative. I am sure there are many more – thanks again - great result.

    David Draper

    - Draper's Civil Contracting
  • Thanks for your presentations to SRW over the last couple of days. I know we were very quiet on the questions. However you did have an impact – one of our staff (Tim, who spoke to you) decided to send this open letter to all our staff today. Tim tells me that he’s had a huge response to this letter in the last couple of hours, and he was happy for me to send the letter through to you. Every little bit counts!

    Janet Granger-Wilcox

    - Southern Rural Water
  • It is such an important story that we shouldn’t forget…….behind every photo there is a story….the amazing thing is that the Australian Army’s Unrecovered Casualties Unit has opened up a specific case file because of the work of civilians [on a Volunteer Tourism project ] that’s a pretty extraordinary thing that people, just ordinary people could start something like that.

    Waleed Aly

    - The Project
  • Tony McManus is a rare gem. When life's seas become rough enough to sink his ship he was fortunately able to regain control and steer himself to safe harbour. He has since learned to thrive through the approach and mindset of helping others in his favoured port of Geelong and beyond. Tony's perspective on life and how he now goes about it, is both authentic & inspiring. A hard working & successful businessman, he found himself at a point where he had to learn to survive in the face of deep personal and family related challenges. Through survival came transformation into the educator he is today. A passionate mental wellbeing advocate, accomplished communicator, highly sought after keynote speaker and mentor to many - Tony lives and breathes to help others. Whether it's in his role as the Development Manager at the Geelong Community Foundation, as an ambassador for Beyond Blue & RUOK, his personal volunteer work or teaching the benefits of social connection through his work with Connect2Grow, Tony is at the forefront of mental wellbeing advocacy in Australia. If you get the chance to spend some time with him, or hear him speak, I'm sure, like me, you will both admire this beautiful man and also gain a deeper insight into the opportunities that come with managing our own mental health & wellbeing.

    Dale Nissen

    - Work Safe
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