NFP and business engagement consultants in Melbourne

How do businesses intent on meeting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals connect with not for profit organisations that reflect their values?

In many ways, committing the time, effort and budget to accomplishing CSR targets is the easy part. The trickier task is often finding the right community or charity partner to go on the journey with your organisation. That’s where not for profit and business engagement consultants step in.

We use our experience, knowledge and contacts from the business and not for profit spheres to match corporate entities with appropriate community agencies and groups.

Often, the matching process involves alignment – of values, personalities, goals, objectives and, of course, geographic locations. When your business aligns well with a particular charity or community group, the magic really happens. That’s when programs write themselves, when volunteering occurs voluntarily and when your team really takes ownership of whatever events or giving programs are developed.

Great not for profit and business engagement is like a great marriage. Careful analysis and matchmaking can create highly-productive relationships with longevity and considerable benefits for all stakeholders.

Our not for profit and business engagement consultants do more than just broker partnerships. We also educate, support and advocate in the not for profit sector and present to corporate groups about the benefits of implementing quality, well-aligned CSR programs.

It’s all about creating opportunities for people to work together in ways that maximise the outcomes for everyone involved.

McManus Conulting Services specialises in generating win-win-win prospects that deliver on their promises. Please contact us to find out more.

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